Winnipeg's St. James neighbourhood was the venue for the luge event in the CBC Morning Show Games.

CBC Manitoba Games

Ron Cantiveros (from left to right), Kurt Armstrong, and Fisher Wang represented Team Philippines, Team Denmarkand Team China during the luge event of the CBC Manitoba Games in Winnipeg. (Chris Read/CBC)

We pitted the great nations of Denmark (via Scotland), the Philippines and China against each other on the icy slopes behind Assiniboine Avenue.

The countries were represented by Curt Armstrong, Ron Cantiveros and Fisher Wang, respectively.

Lugers bravely threw themselves down the slopes, braving the potential for collisions at the bottom of the hill and a small dog that has been following the participants on their runs.

Other events this week will include the one-metre speed skate (very short track), hockey shootout (sans goalie) and Nerf-gun biathlon.

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