There was fighting in Winnipeg Monday between the two sides in the Israel - Palestinian conflict unfolding in Gaza.


Palestinian supporters showed up at a Winnipeg rally organized by supporters of Israel Monday afternoon. (Caroline Barghout/CBC)

But it was limited to verbal volleys outside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, instead of the violence that has killed hundreds of Palestinians and more than a dozen Israeli soldiers in the Middle East. 

It was the third rally in the city in the last week.

About 100 people turned up outside Union Station in Winnipeg late Monday afternoon to support Israel in the conflict. 

palestinian supporters

Supporters of Palestinians showed up outside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Monday during a pro-Israel rally. (Caroline Barghout/CBC)

A few minutes into the event, some Palestinian supporters showed up, holding signs that said 'Pray for Gaza, pray for peace in Gaza.'

Both groups met up again outside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights at the Forks, where police kept the two sides apart and on opposite sides of the road.

That didn't stop people from shouting at each other. 

Supporters of Israel yelled "Jordan is Palestine," while supporters of the Palestinians shouted back "Free Palestine."

The crowd dispersed, with some of the pro-Israel demonstrators heading to another rally planned for Monday evening at the Rady Jewish Community Centre on Doncaster Street in the city's Charleswood-Tuxedo ward.