A sound in the bushes led two teenagers to the top of a lookout point in Manitoba's Spruce Woods Provincial Park, where they were found by RCMP.

On Saturday, a girl and boy, both aged 15, were walking near the Spirit Sands in the park, about 175 kilometres west of Winnipeg.

They heard a loud rustle in the bush and other sounds, RCMP said in a news release. The teens got scared and went to the top of a lookout point.

The boy called RCMP at around 8:45 p.m. and told the dispatcher where they were and what happened.

In the darkness and without cellphone service, an RCMP officer tracked the teenagers through a two-kilometre hike on a trail.

He brought the teenagers back to the parking lot where RCMP said a mother was waiting, worried, because she hadn't been able to call them.

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