The City of Winnipeg bestowed outstanding achievement awards on Team Jones as part of a special ceremony at city hall on Thursday.

“I just keep thinking we’ll wake up from the dream of a lifetime,” said Jennifer Jones.

Team Jones

Team Jones holds up their Olympic gold medals at city hall on Thursday morning during a special ceremony. (Bert Savard/CBC)

The Olympic gold medal winning curling team received  award medallions and a special loonie Jones kept with her while she was in Sochi was put behind glass on a special plaque from the Royal Canadian Mint.

“I grew up in Windsor Park, and I saw the Mint outside of my bedroom window when I was growing up so it was always with me, along with everything special. I had a picture of my daughter, that and my phone,” said Jones.

Teammates Kaitlyn Lawes , Jill Officer and Dawn McEwen were all presented with their own lucky loonies from the Mint, and Mayor Sam Katz honoured the team with Outstanding Achievement Award medallions.

“We’re standing here today – I think I got goosebumps five times,” said Jones. “So we’re getting to relive the gold medal every day.”

Jones necklaces

Special necklaces to be presented to Team Jones from Mayor Sam Katz were revealed on Thursday. (Bert Savard/CBC)

As for what’s next for the team, they’re looking forward to presenting at The Junos later this month.

“We’re going to be presenting at The Junos right here in Winnipeg and then we have one more event left this season,” said Jones. “Then we’ll decide what the future holds for us.

The team’s loonie and some memorabilia will remain on display at city hall in the mayor’s foyer.