A Winnipeg high school teacher simulates oral sex on a fellow teacher during a school dance competition. ((CBC))

Two Winnipeg high school teachers have been pulled off the job after they performed a lap dance in front of about 100 students during a school-sanctioned pep rally.

The incident took place during a spirit week dance competition at Churchill High School last Wednesday, and a minute-long cellphone video was posted on the internet afterwards. Access to the footage has since been blocked.

'It's like something you'd see in a strip joint.' —Mike Babinsky, school trustee

In the video, the teachers — a man and a woman — can be seen grinding against each other while the woman sits in a chair placed in the middle of the gym floor. At one point, the male teacher simulates oral sex by bobbing his head several times near the woman's genitals.

Students in the background were clearly flabbergasted at what was happening.


One teacher also suggestively straddled the other as students looked on. ((CBC))

At one point, a teen girl puts her head into the video frame and says, 'That's wrong.'"

One Grade 12 student who was on the same dance team as the teachers told CBC News she was alarmed by what she was seeing.

"It looked like, dare I say it, sex on the dance floor," said Heather Mason, 17. "Stuff kids shouldn't be seeing. I was shocked. I don't expect anything like that from teachers."

CBC News is not identifying the teachers involved.

Sent home without pay

The Winnipeg School Division is investigating and both teachers have been sent home without pay but have not been officially suspended, school trustee Mike Babinsky said Tuesday.

Reacting to the footage, Babinsky said the teachers clearly crossed the line.

"One person took their mouth to the other person's private area, showing a form of sexual conduct which would be inappropriate to do in a public area, not just in a high school area," Babinsky said.

He said it's a clear breach of the Manitoba Teachers' Society code of professional conduct.

"It's like something you'd see in a strip joint," Babinsky said. "Besides taking your clothes off, it's pretty extreme. It's about as far as you can go. As a parent, this is not something I would want my son exposed to."

The Manitoba Teachers' Society refused to comment on the incident.