Teenagers under 18 will soon need their parents' permission before they can use a tanning bed in Manitoba.

And those under 16 will have to have a parent present in the facitilty while the equipment is being used.

New rules requiring indoor tanning salons to post warning signs about the risks of skin cancer and requiring parental consent for young Manitobans come into effect June 15, Health Minister Theresa Oswald announced on Thursday.

"These new regulations will ensure prospective clients understand the risks of indoor tanning to make informed decisions before using these services," said Oswald.

"Agencies such as the World Health Organization have made it clear that tanning equipment should be used with care and our public health officials have developed these rules with input from an expert working group including CancerCare Manitoba, the Canadian Cancer Society, medical professionals and industry representatives."

Operators of commercial tanning facilities are being provided with information regarding the new regulations along with copies of the warning signs and consent forms.

Parents of under-age clients are to be provided with a fact sheet and parental consent forms. Versions of these documents for printing will be posted on the Manitoba Health website.

The World Health Organization has classified the UV rays from tanning beds, booths and lamps as a known cause of skin cancer, according to the Manitoba government news release.

Ultraviolet rays are invisible and come from a variety of natural and artificial sources, including the tanning equipment and the sun.

Sunburns, premature skin aging, skin cancer and eye problems have been associated with exposure to UV radiation.