A Manitoba woman isn't letting this week's un-spring-like weather get her down — instead, she's enjoying the great outdoors clad mainly in a swimsuit.

Kim Bright of Brandon, Man., can be seen in a series of at least eight YouTube videos making snow angels, riding a snowmobile and walking the dog, all while wearing a black one-piece swimsuit, a trapper's hat and footwear.

In some of the videos, she exclaims, "Fight on, Manitoba!" to urge her fellow Manitobans to stay strong amid the cold temperatures and endless piles of snow.

Bright, who recently became a grandmother, told CBC News her "Canadian Granny" videos began as a "joke" for her friends.


Swimsuit-clad Kim Bright of Brandon, Man., walks the dog in this video she has posted online. (YouTube)

Brandon received a lot of snow this winter, she explained, and many of her friends escaped to much warmer destinations. So, Bright and her son produced the first video to send to those vacationing friends.

"We did that one and it was [like], 'Oh, well, why don't we do a skating one?' So that was number two. And then, 'Oh, why don't we do one walking the dog in the winter?'" she said Wednesday.

"It just went on from there. Some of them have gotten a little ridiculous."

Bright said she decided to post the videos online to help boost people's spirits during what has seemed like a never-ending winter.

While spring officially began on Wednesday, temperatures in southern Manitoba that day were well below the freezing mark. In Winnipeg, the daytime high was just –11 C. The overnight low is expected to be a bone-chilling –24 C.

As well, many people are still digging out of a snowstorm that hit southern Manitoba on Monday.

Bright's most recent video, posted on March 5, shows her skiing across a field — again, in her swimsuit and trapper's hat, with the ear flaps down — before she tumbles onto the ground.

"That was cold, yeah!" she said.

"I was laughing so hard I couldn't get up…But we're having fun doing it."

Bright said two new videos, shot on Wednesday, will be posted on Thursday.