Clearly the three members of Sweet Alibi put a lot of work into their latest album. All told, it's a real departure from their first, self-titled CD,

The album title, We've Got To, reflects where they were at the time.

"It's tough on the road to keep going sometimes," admitted Amber Quesnel.

"It's hard to make plans, so one of our biggest things was figuring out what we had to do to keep going. It's a lot of work, especially to step it up. This is like our child that we're hoping the world will accept."

Each member of the trio — Quesnel, Jess Rae Ayre and Michelle Anderson — were going through their own personal challenges at the time of touring and recording.

Quesnel's mom was ill with cancer, and she was also planning her wedding while they were on tour. Anderson was missing home just as anyone would after a number of weeks on the road. And Ayre was continuing on her own personal journey towards sobriety.

"We talk about the things that are happening in our life on stage," explained Ayre.

"That vulnerability and that honesty is real … we'll have people coming up to us afterwards and they might be going through something similar. It's our way of connecting with people, besides the music."

Sweet Alibi reached out to Rusty Matyas of Imaginary Cities to produce their album.

"We had listened to Imaginary Cities' first record for a couple years," said Ayre. "We wanted Rusty's experience with that sort of pop sound, which is what he's great at."

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Sweet Alibi's album release show is at the West End Cultural Centre on Wednesday, Nov. 20, at 8 p.m.