Students at Falcon Beach School, some still dressed in pyjamas, gathered in a dimly-lit classroom Friday morning and cheered Olympic hometown hero, Megan Imrie.

Imrie, who grew up and trained in Falcon Lake, was competing in the women's 15K individual ​biathalon at the Sochi Olympics â€” on her 28th birthday.

Cheering an Olympian

Falcon Beach School students were at school early on Friday to cheer on Olympic biathlete Megan Imrie. (Keriann Iwankow)

Some 25 students had a school sleepover so they could be up early to watch Imrie compete at 7 a.m. local time.

Gerry Gilagn, the principal and Imrie's former teacher, said the Olympian was a talented athlete when she was a student at the school, about 130 kilometres east of Winnipeg.

He's thrilled to see her in the Olympics and said she is a wonderful ambassador.

Watching Megan

Students, still in pyjamas, watch Megan Imrie compete in the early morning Olympic biathlon on Friday. (Keriann Iwankow)

"We wanted to get together and do something special because Megan still comes back and visits our school and connects with kids and you know, always brings back positive messages for them," he said.

"She was here just before Christmas actually and visited with the students and was talking about the Olympics. She always has those life messages for the kids too about working hard, being dedicated and following your dreams."

Imrie finished 30th of 84 competitors and was the first of four Canadians to cross the finish line.