A Winnipeg aboriginal student who has lived what she calls a "life of chaos" is finishing a science degree and working towards a career as a doctor.


Sheena-Marie Dubois is completing a science degree at the University of Manitoba and applying to medical school. (Facebook)

Sheena-Marie Dubois says she was abused by family members, bounced from one foster home to another, and was the girlfriend of a biker gang member by the age of 14. She married him while he was behind bars for murder, but left him months later.

But despite what she described as a tumultuous youth, Dubois is overcoming the odds. She is currently starting her fourth year of her bachelor of science degree with the University of Manitoba's Health Careers Access Program.

Her goal: to enter medical school and become a doctor.

"Statistically, as an aboriginal woman who lived a life of chaos, I shouldn't be studying for the MCAT," she said, referring to the Medical College Admission Test.

Dubois said she was able to overcome her past experiences, and she dedicated herself to education at a young age.

As for her decision to pursue medicine, Dubois said given everything she had been through, she wants to get into the best profession and do the best she can to represent her people.

If she becomes a doctor, Dubois said she wants to go to northern communities and improve health care on reserves.