Hundreds gathered at the Manitoba Legislature as part of a student-led anti-racism march Thursday morning.

Nearly 900 Students from about 20 schools took part in the Students Together Against Racism Today (START) demonstration.

Racism has been under the microscope across the city after a Maclean’s Magazine article dubbed Winnipeg the most racist city in Canada. The story attracted attention from all over the country.

While some Winnipeggers took issue with the accusation or the way the article was written, the city was galvanized in the weeks that followed, spurring conversations between politicians and community leaders about how to combat racism in the city. 

Mayor Brian Bowman stood with a group of prominent figures from Winnipeg's indigenous community and addressed the issue of racism in Winnipeg in the days that followed.

The issue resonated with a group of Winnipeg students, who organized the march Thursday. The event, which aimed to raise awareness on race issues in Winnipeg, even attracted students from Teulon, Man. and other communities outside of Winnipeg.