Stretch of Hwy 1 west of Winnipeg reopens

The Tran-Canada Highway has reopened after being closed most of Sunday morning and afternoon from between Headingley and Portage la Prairie due to poor driving conditions.

Roads south and west of Winnipeg remain icy

The Tran-Canada Highway has reopened after being closed most of Sunday morning and afternoon, between Headingley and Portage la Prairie, due to poor driving conditions. 

RCMP closed the gates this morning. Snow-covered roads were reported across much of southern Manitoba.

This was the first weather-related closure of Highway 1 this season, forcing truckers heading west to stop for hours. 

The line of semis stretched two kilometres while drivers waited for conditions to improve — many were in good spirits.  

Truck driver, Edwin Fazlic, spent his time chipping ice off of his truck as he waited for the highway to reopen.

He told CBC News the closure caught him off guard. 

"We on the way to Edmonton, hopefully we get there," said Fazlic. "Take your time, keep your distance, and when it's bad you gotta take it slow," he advised drivers. 

Other problem spots 

Meanwhile, RCMP have also issued a warning about the Perimeter Highway, saying PTH 100 and PTH 101 was ice-covered with reduced visibility.

RCMP say emergency crews might not be able to get to people in trouble quickly on the Perimeter because of the poor conditions.

Drivers are advised to take extra caution, reduce their speed and increase distance between vehicles.

All other highways in southern Manitoba are either listed as snow and ice-covered or partially snow and ice-covered.

If people are planning to travel today, they should be aware that weather conditions can change quickly.

Check the Manitoba Official Highway Map for the latest road closures and safe routes.