Some Winnipeg volunteers cook up a storm every week to feed those in need.

Members of the Gifts of Grace Street Mission hand out food on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings to whomever needs it.

The food is donated by local stores every week, and the volunteers prepare the meals before packing them up and hitting the streets.

"We're feeding the homeless outside Salvation Army and Main Street Project," Kendra Jackson said as she and others got ready on Thursday.

On a given Thursday night, they can serve upward of 1,000 sandwiches and countless servings of casserole for up to 150 people.

The lineups can be long and the food goes quickly, but Jackson said the recipients are respectful, kind and patient.

"Most of them are very, very pleasant, and they're just happy that there's people out there that want to help them," she said. "We just love doing this."

The project has been serving food for the past two years, and the gesture resonates with many people in the neighbourhood.

"Food! I didn't get anything to eat all day, so this is like a godsend. It's wonderful," said one man, Kenneth.

"A lot of the times people come out here for not only the nourishment of the food — which is, a lot of the times, needed in certain situations — but they're here to offer you a kind word, helping advice," said Brian Hart.

Jackson said the team is always looking for more people willing to help.