A Winnipegger says the city's crumbling infrastructure is worrisome after a street light crashed down on a car waiting at an intersection near his workplace.

"You know, deal with potholes and this and that, well we'll get through it. But stuff falling on you just out of the blue, that gets a bit scary," Peter Harzan said.

He caught the crash on an exterior security tape attached to Forward House Ministries near the corner of Watt Street and Chalmers Avenue, where it happened in April 9.

Peter Harzan

Peter Harzan looks at where a light standard just fell on a car at Watt Street and Chalmers Avenue in Winnipeg's Elmwood neighbourhood. (Marjorie Dowhos/CBC)

"It sort of gave me a start. You know, it scared me," he said.

"The thought of somebody sitting in a car and just waiting at a red light and the light standard comes down and hits you that's pretty serious stuff."

The person inside the vehicle was not seriously injured and eventually drove away.

The city has since installed a new light standard.

Harzan posted the video on his Facebook page with the following comment about the city's sad state of infrastructure.