The tail end of the storm that produced tornadoes in Saskatchewan whipped a bit of Manitoba's Interlake region as well.

Peter Schroedter, who lives in the Willow Bay cottage area near Ashern on Lake Manitoba, said many trees were ripped up by the wind and a number of people in the area can't get out of their homes because of trees blocking roads and driveways.

He said the storm woke him up around 2 a.m. CT on Wednesday.

"There was a huge bang and big hail, followed by lots of other bangs and the trees were snapping a couple of meters above the ground and the tops were flying," he said.

"The debris was, is everywhere, like my neighbour's lot is just, it looks like somebody piled wood on his driveway so many trees are down. Trees that are a foot in diameter snapped."

Many of the trees were dead or weakened from last year's flooding, Schroeter said, adding there is going to be a lot of cleaning up to do in the area.