A number of inmates at Stony Mountain Institution have gone on strike after a massive cut to their pay.

The prison runs a work program where inmates can do jobs like cleaning and food preparation for a small wage.

Until last week, inmates could earn a salary of $1 to $6.90 per day. Inmates use the money they earn at the jail’s canteen to buy snacks and toiletries.

Now, the federal government has reduced the amount prisoners can earn by 30 per cent.

Former Public Safety Minister Vic Toews first announced the cuts in 2012 as part of the Conservative government’s Deficit Reduction Action Plan.

Inmates across Canada began striking last week and have now been joined by convicts in Manitoba.

A Corrections Canada spokesperson said Tuesday some Stony Mountain prisoners have refused to do their program assignments and as a result are not being paid.

Prisoners in federal institutions have not received raises in 32 years. The move is expected to save the government about $4 million.