Stonewall woman believes animals being poisoned

A woman in Stonewall, Manitoba, believes someone has poisoned her dogs and other wildlife in her yard.
Debbie Molina points to the forest near her house in Stonewall, where she says her dogs were poisoned and she has found the carcasses of wild animals. (Jill Coubrough/CBC)

A woman in Stonewall, Manitoba, believes someone has poisoned her dogs and other wildlife in her yard.

In November, Debbie Molina's dog, Ella, was off leash when she disappeared. An hour later, Molina found her in the bush dead.

"And just had all this foam coming out of her mouth," she said.

The vet said it was likely from poison.

Molina suspects her neighbour put it out. She's been told he's had trouble with coyotes taking his livestock.

"He's confided to them [people who told her] he's put out poison," she said.

Her suspicion spiked again when her new dog, T-Bone, began foaming at the mouth after a walk in the forest.

He survived but Molina was told again by the vet that it was due to poison being ingested.

She's since found a cluster of other dead animals on her property — four skunks and a coyote.

In Manitoba it's illegal to use poison to control wildlife. Offenders can be fined $10,000 and get up to six months in jail.

Molina said a conservation officer spoke to her neighbour but he wasn't charged.

However, she's calling on conservation to investigate further. Molina wants the carcasses of the animals she found in the forest tested.

CBC News could not reach the neighbour for comment.