The RCMP has been recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of construction equipment in the past three months, most of it stolen in Winnipeg.

Some of the swiped equipment recovered so far include skid steers, forklifts and Caterpillars. The recovered items range in value from $40,000 to $100,000.

Theft tip line

If you have a tip regarding stolen construction equipment in Manitoba, call the RCMP's auto theft tip line at 1-855-814-4118.

You can also email investigators at

"Some are stolen out of the city of Winnipeg and taken into rural Manitoba, where they are recovered," Sgt. Line Karpish told CBC News on Friday.

"There has been instances where they were stolen in rural Manitoba and recovered by our members in the city of Winnipeg."

A 26-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday and charged in connection with thefts in three Manitoba communities.

Meanwhile, members of the RCMP's stolen auto unit are searching for more stolen construction equipment.

Karpish said two missing machines that were recently recovered in Winnipeg were stolen from the Montreal area, while items taken from Manitoba ended up elsewhere in western Canada.

"We certainly are aware … as of recent of certain individuals that are quite active in thefts," she said.

'It can ruin your whole season,' says contractor

"This is not somebody that broke in to steal cigarettes out of a 7-Eleven. This is somebody's life," said Bruno Teixeira, whose skid steer was swiped from one of his construction job sites last month.

"Without a machine like that, it can ruin your whole season."

The theft of the skid steer meant he is starting work this week on a garage that was supposed to be done by now, he said.

Teixeira added that he had to spend $40,000 on a replacement machine.

"It's a big impact, especially when you don't even have a replacement machine and you start losing jobs because you don't have a machine," he said.