If that sticky stuff on your windshield is bugging you, you're not alone.

It's the droppings from aphids, an insect that feeds on tree leaves. 


Aphids and their droppings are bugging Winnipeg drivers who park under the trees the bugs feed on. (Kiran Dhillon/CBC)

Michael Allen, owner of Viburnum Tree Experts, said aphids especially like to feed on elm and ash trees, which are common in Winnipeg. 

"They're going to have aphids, and they're going to have droppings and I'm afraid there is virtually no product you can [get] to get rid of them," he said.


Aphid excrement, also called “Honeydew,” can coat vehicles with a sticky mess. ((CBC))

A good shot of water could knock them off though, he said. 

"If your plants aren't too sensitive to the pressure of the hose, ... you could probably clean [them] off, but obviously you would be doing it daily," he said. 

Allan said Winnipeggers will have to be patient until temperatures get cooler, slowing down the aphids until they stop feeding.