The stepfather of a young girl showed police where her body was buried, jurors saw in videotape evidence at a murder trial Tuesday.

On the tape, Karl McKay is seen stepping through deep snow to show RCMP officers exactly where he buried the body of five-year-old Phoenix Sinclair.

"I'm about 99 per cent …" McKay says at first, then amends that to 100 per cent sure a few minutes later.          

McKay is then seen on the tape drawing an X in the snow, and digging about 20 centimetres below the surface.

On the tape, police officers ask McKay if he wants to say anything.  

McKay says he regrets what happened to Phoenix. He says he hoped she would receive a decent burial.

"I've done this for Phoenix," he says, "to recover the body because she deserves a proper burial. I've done it for my boys and also for myself. I'm sorry."

"It's a very bad thing that I’ve done, burying her out here."

The video was shot in March 2006 near a landfill at the Fisher River First Nation, about 200 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

Court was told McKay had been interviewed by police earlier that day and agreed to lead officers Phoenix’s remains.

McKay and his former girlfriend, Samantha Kematch, are jointly accused of disposing of Phoenix's body in June 2005 following months of alleged abuse. The couple have pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder.