It was a made-in-Manitoba parody waiting to happen.

Steinbach radio personality Corny Rempel has rewritten The Weeknd's song Can't Feel My Face — and very appropriately made it about that frozen-face feeling Manitobans know so well.

Rempel said as a radio DJ, he is always looking for an interesting way to talk about the cold.

"I started to sing 'I can't feel my face because I live in Manitoba' and before we knew it we had a song," he said.

Rempel estimates he took about 20 minutes to write the lyrics. Shooting, he said, took longer, around an hour and a half.

"Within the afternoon we had it ready to go," he said.

The reception has been purely positive — especially the response to the visuals in the video and in particular, a shot that shows Rempel sticking his tongue on a pole outside.

"Locally everyone has been coming up and telling us they love it," he said, noting the video has been shared on Facebook a number of times.

"A lot of people [are] saying, 'Did you actually stick your tongue on the pole?' For the record, yes I did. For the children, do not try this at home. My tongue was protected by duct tape."

Temperatures lingered around –22 C while Rempel made the video, but he said the sun was shining.

"The worst part when the snow melts on your face it starts to freeze then the snow going down my jacket," he said. 

"But it was worth it."