Girl, 11, escapes attack in St. Theresa Point, RCMP say

An 11-year old girl escaped during an assault by a man who offered her a ride home on Wednesday night in St. Theresa Point.

St. Theresa Point girl slips out of jacket and runs home barefoot after assault

RCMP are investigating an assault on an 11-year old girl Wednesday night in St. Theresa Point. (CBC)

An 11-year old girl slipped out of her jacket to escape an assault by a man who offered her a ride home on Wednesday night in St. Theresa Point.

"She was very traumatized," said St. Theresa Point Chief David McDougall.

The girl was walking home from a friend's house at about 7 p.m., when two men in a white truck pulled up. The driver offered her a ride. When she declined, the driver exited the vehicle and assaulted her.

"She said she was getting hit in the stomach," McDougall said.

"She fell on her back backwards and he grabbed her feet. And she pulled herself up and she started running. When she got home, she had no jacket and no boots."

RCMP said the male suspect did not attempt to bring the girl inside the vehicle.

On the night of the attack, the three communities on Island Lake, Wasagamack, St. Theresa Point and Garden Hill First Nations set up roadblocks to check drivers and vehicles.

On Thursday morning, one man matching the description provided by the 11 year old was detained. RCMP said he co-operated with investigators and was released.

McDougall said the attack has upset the people in his community. He said he immediately thought of an another 11-year old girl from nearby Garden Hill First Nation.

In May 2015, Teresa Robinson's body was found on the reserve. It was so badly mangled that at first, it was thought she was killed by a wild animal. The homicide is still unsolved.

 "But in spite of that, I said I can't just go like a bull in a china shop, saying let's just get after anybody that resembles (the suspects)," McDougall said.

Chief asks for calm in community

The chief is asking for everyone to remain calm and to co-operate with Investigators.

"We all feel helpless because we don't know," he said. "The problem with this is when an investigation is happening, you can't reveal everything right? And then people assume nothing is being done and everybody is upset, upset with the council, upset with the RCMP,"

McDougall said they are warning everyone in the community to go out in groups and not to walk home alone.

The vehicle is described as a white truck with four doors. The driver is described as a heavy-set male with black hair and a black beard. The passenger was wearing a red bandana with dots and a black cap. Anyone with information is asked to contact RCMP.