While flood waters are receding in southern Manitoba, a handful of families in St. Lazare remain cut off from their town after flood waters washed over nearby roads and bridges.

Giselle Fouillard hasn’t been able to go into town since June 30.

She was served an evacuation notice but chose to stay to protect her home.

 “You just watched the water come up and up and before you know it, you’re surrounded by water,” she said. “I couldn’t get off the farm at all.”

Now, she’s forced to drive across a field into Saskatchewan to get her groceries.

“[I’m] pretty much trapped here,” she said. “At the beginning, it was very nerve-wracking.”

Fouillard is now spending her days disinfecting her flooded basement and occasionally visits Connie Chartier, another neighbour who stayed despite being handed an evacuation notice.

Chartier hasn’t left her home in two weeks.

“We’re in our own little world. I have no idea what’s going on in town inside the dike,” she said.

But Fouillard said the choice to stay was worth it, “to save our home. My father put this house here 50 years ago.”

Both women could have to wait at least another week before they regain access to their community.

Water still has to fall almost one metre before the road will become passable again.