People living in St. James are worried emergency vehicles won’t be able to get to their homes after a plow left a roadway too narrow for passing this weekend.

The area is so narrow, residents on Overdale Street have been parking half on the sidewalk and half on the road, in hopes of leaving enough room for a vehicle to creep by.

Plow job

Joe Wabick shovelled a small section of the Overdale Street windrow right up to the median to show crews where the sidewalk actually begins. (Alison Minaker)

Resident Joe Wabick said it’s almost impossible to get by a vehicle parked on the street, now that the plows have left such a narrow opening.

“They left about five to seven feet of a windrow against the inside boulevard and plowed the sidewalk,” said Wabick.

He’s now worried what would happen if a fire truck or ambulance needed to access one of the houses on the street.

Wabick tried to help out the plow drivers by shovelling a small section of the windrow right up to the median and posting a sign to show city crews where the sidewalk actually begins on the other side.

Resident Andrea Simser is forced to walk her dog on the road because the sidewalks are blocked by cars.

“I don’t really understand why people have to park on the sidewalk,” she said. “They could have done a better job plowing.”

City officials said the street has been a problem area for plows in the past because there is little room for snow storage. The roadway is about 5.5 metres wide with a treed median.

City crews were expected to haul away the extra snow by Thursday.

In the meantime, Simser and other drivers will try and navigate the street, “go single file, I suppose, and just watch for traffic.”