Surgeons at St. Boniface Hospital are trying to catch up on a major backlog of surgeries since their operating rooms were flooded in January.

A total of 14 operating rooms had to be shut down after pipes burst and flooded them.

All of hospital’s operating rooms have been up and running for the past two weeks.  So far, surgical teams have completed 253 of their 348 cancelled surgeries.

There are still more than 90 waiting to be done.

The surgical program director for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Lanette Siragusa, said nurses and surgeons are putting in overtime to deal with the backlog.

“The surgeons, the teams, the nurses as well have worked weekends. They have worked longer days going into the evening in order to accommodate the work,” she said. “It was busy, and we were all on conference calls over the weekends, and there were emails going 24-7. The team really came together.”

Siragusa said she anticipates the backlog will be cleared by the end of March.