St. Boniface General Hospital may not have its operating rooms back until Friday.

Most of the hospital’s 14 operating rooms were flooded on Jan. 22 after the heating and cooling system malfunctioned and froze some pipes. They then burst, pouring water into a number of rooms.

Officials held a press conference on Monday, saying so far 150 surgeries at the hospital had to be cancelled and another 50 are expected to be cancelled by the end of the week.

Emergency surgeries have been diverted to other hospitals and elective surgeries have been cancelled.

The chief medical officer of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority said repairs are underway for the operating rooms, and they could be open as early as Friday.

Brock Wright said crews worked through the weekend to get the work done.

However, it could be another additional week before the hospital is back on schedule, and Wright said it cancelled surgeries will be scheduled for evenings and weekends to deal with the backlog.