Have you ever thought the old suitcases gathering dust in your basement could have a new life?

Audiophile Doug Touchette has, and he calls his portable audio systems Boom Baggage.

Touchette was surfing the net and came across a company in California making audio systems out of vintage suitcases.

"I saw what they were doing and realized how good that would be, so I started working on a couple of them. The response has been overwhelming," he said.

Touchette has been interested in speakers since he was a teenager and continues to collect them, take them apart and save all the parts. He's also worked in commercial electronics systems for 25 years.

"I grew up in a TV and stereo store, my mom's an artists, my grandpa's a carpenter, so I guess with that background all that comes together," he said.

These are plug-and-play units that come with a power cord to plug into a wall, car or boat, Each system is unique.

Touchette has even made a stereo out of a guitar case and plans to get into bigger furniture as well.

Steampunk Pirate Chest - Boom Baggage

Steampunk Pirate Chest (Doug Touchette)

One of his favourites is his "Steampunk Pirate Chest." It's a late 19th century wood chest that he found in old St. Boniface. He installed two booming 15" woofers in each side and the nails are hand-made.

"Here's an example of what I can do to combine the aesthetics of beautiful furniture with true full-range audio," he said.

"The Weekend Morning" Boom Baggage Doug Touchette

Doug Touchette built "The Weekend Morning" for his appearance on CBC Radio's Weekend Morning Show with Terry MacLeod. Touchette will auction off the unit on Sept. 6 to raise funds for Graffiti Gallery. (Doug Touchette)

When he was invited to speak with Terry MacLeod on the Weekend Morning show he immediately set out to create a new design which he called "The Weekend Morning."

"After Terry asked me on the show, I tripped across this bright orange case and then a yellow speaker for the bright Manitoba sun and blue speakers for the sky above and lakes below. Had to do it," he said.

Prices for Boom Baggage units start at $200.00.