Colder than normal temperatures in southern Manitoba could spell trouble for Winnipeggers who have frozen pipes in their homes and businesses and are relying on a temporary water hookup.

The City of Winnipeg says residents with a temporary hose connection should wrap their outside taps with a towel to help prevent freezing.

This applies to the 882 properties that are currently receiving water through a city installed hose, as well as the properties supplying the water.

Those with frozen hose connections should call the city's 311 service line for help.

A total of 1,289 properties are on the city's waiting list for crews to thaw their frozen pipes as of Monday.

Another 7,320 properties have been identified by the city as being at higher risk of developing frozen pipes and have been asked to keep their taps running at a trickle.

In all, 2,465 properties have reported having frozen water pipes since November.