Senior health officials across Manitoba will have their spending restricted starting April 1, thanks to corporate spending caps that are being introduced.

The provincial government is requiring rural health authorities not to spend more than 3.99 per cent of their total budgets on administrative costs.

The Northern Health Region's corporate spending cap will be set to 4.99 per cent.

The caps ensure that health dollars are being spent on front-line health care and not on bureaucracy, according to the province.

"The most critical investments in health care go toward our patients and their families in making sure the medical care they need is there for them,” Health Minister Erin Selby said in a news release Tuesday.

"These changes will ensure regional health authorities’ spending is focused on supporting front-line care, translating to improved financial transparency and accountability in the health-care system as a whole."

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has been subject to a corporate spending cap of 2.99 per cent of its total budget since 2011. The health region's corporate spending has since been brought down to 2.54 per cent, according to the province.

The province also announced that regional health officials will have to publicly report the expenses of the most senior executives at hospitals and care homes every year.

The regional health authorities must post that information on their websites starting June 30.