As the rain pours down and the smell of sage fills the air, Roseanna Oshawee fights back tears for her daughter Marilyn Oshawee, 37, who was found dead Saturday in a home in Winnipeg's West End.

"It's been very hard. I hardly slept last night, she was my only kid," Oshawee said Sunday afternoon. 

Marilyn Oshawee was found dead at a home on Spence Street early Saturday morning.

Marilyn Oshawee was found dead at a home on Spence Street early Saturday morning. (Supplied photo)

She was surrounded by dozens of family and friends who gathered at the Spence Street home where Marilyn was found. Oshawee said they wanted to feel close to Marilyn. 

"It means a lot to me," she said. "I thank all the people for being here. Showing their support. Means a lot to me."

Oshawee says Marilyn leaves behind four boys. The oldest just graduated from high school. 

Her grandson has been a big support, Oshawee said.

"Talking with him last night, he was getting me to calm down. He told me he's sending me a lot of prayers. They will all be here to come and be with me," says Oshawee.

Winnipeg police were called to the Spence Street home early Saturday morning. They say a fight broke out following a house party there, leading to the death. A 23-year-old woman was arrested, but police have not released information about charges.

'Best friend for over 30 years'

Amanda Cook has been friends with Oshawee for more than three decades. Cook was reading the news online Saturday when she came across a story that the homicide unit was investigating a death on Spence Street. Minutes later, through social media, Cook found out it was her friend.

Family and friends of Oshawee's gather on Spence Street to remember her.

Marilyn Oshawee's friends and family gathered on Spence Street Saturday to remember her. (Marouane Refak/CBC)

"I thought 'oh, that poor person died.' I grew up in the neighbourhood. I practically know everybody. Then it was tragic to find out it was her," said Cook.

Cook says her daughter Amanda called Marilyn her auntie. While they weren't blood relatives, Cook said Marilyn was part of her family and they are trying to come to grips with what happened.

"She was a loving person. Very talkative and when you wanted her to be there she would," Cook said.