Rating: ★★★★★

Company: The Wishes Mystical Puppet Company

Genre: Puppetry

Venue: 8 - The Rachel Browne Theatre

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There's no trip like a Space Hippo trip.

This completely enchanting shadow puppetry show from Seri Yanai and Daniel Wishes is trippy indeed. With Earth dying, scientists launch a hippo into space because reasons. On her journey, she encounters a host of aliens (including audience favourite Lizard Man), bonds with her only friend Food Robot, and is worshipped as a deity.

It's often silly and very weird, but is also funny as hell. Puppeteers Yanai and Wishes have great comic timing, and manipulate more than 200 hand-cut puppets expertly to great cinematic effect.

At the core of all the silliness, though, are Yanai's stunning shadow puppets. Besides being positively giggle-inducing, Space Hippo offers up some truly gorgeous artwork. 

And sprinkled with ear-pleasing, winsome tunes from Elliott Loran, Space Hippo has a great soundtrack for her cosmic journey too.

Funny, delightful, surprisingly touching and beautifully executed Fringe fare. Don't let Space Hippo fly by you.

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