Time to grab your snow brushes and possibly your shovels again — several centimetres of snow will fall across southern Manitoba today, but at least it won't be bitterly cold.

A weather system coming up from the Dakotas is expected to dump up to five centimetres of snow on Thursday, says CBC weather specialist Mariliyn Maki.

"We're looking at three to five centimetres across southern Manitoba for the next 24 hours. Here in Winnipeg, we could see about five," she said.

People in southeastern Manitoba, which was hit by a spring snow storm on Monday, won't see as much snow this time around, she added.

Some snow has already fallen south of Winnipeg, causing reduced visibility and swirling snow in traffic.

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation says there is also swirling snow and reduced visibility on roads near the Saskatchewan border.

Meanwhile, some in Winnipeg — including the CBC's Mitch Peacock — are reporting slippery sidewalks:

The daytime high in the city will be near 0 C on Thursday, meaning the snow will be wet and heavy, Maki said.

The forecast suggests a warming trend ahead, with daytime temperatures between –1 and 9 C in the next week.