The warmth that people in southern Manitoba have been awaiting for five months arrived on Wednesday.

Winnipeg reached 10 C, marking the first double-digit day — above zero, that is — since Nov. 13. That day, the city hit 10.3 C. Four days later, the first snowfall hit and the city has been under a white blanket ever since.

Spring at St. Vital Park

Ian Macdonald, left, and his daughter Frances enjoy balmy spring temperatures at St. Vital Park on Wednesday morning. (Caroline Barghout/CBC)

People in the Morden, Carman and Deerwood areas enjoyed temperatures between 14 and 16 C, with Deerwood becoming the hotspot in Canada with a balmy 16.2 C.

In nearby Miami, Man., the snow is almost gone, the roads are clear, and people were walking around in T-shirts, said Brian Callum, who was having lunch at the Chatterbox Cafe.

"Yep, lots of people out walking around, enjoying the weather," he said.

"It's about time. It's been a hard winter, so it's nice to see spring is maybe coming."

Signs of spring appear in Winnipeg

Signs of spring were cropping up all over Winnipeg, with Ian and Frances MacDonald out watching the geese bask in the warm temperatures at the St. Vital duck pond.

“We’re ready to have some fun outside and play normally instead of being trapped inside all day,” said Ian.

And downtown, hot dog vendors and at least one street car made appearances.

The city’s driving ranges were also preparing for spring.

Keith Desautels of Shooters Driving Range took a snowblower to his golf greens.

“I figured if it’s going to be 14 today, [I] might as well have a few people out enjoying some of the nice weather,” he said. 

Strong winds on the way

Wednesday's warmth, however, is expected to be accompanied by "a very strong wind in the afternoon," Sauder warned.

The wind will help evaporate the puddles, but he said it will also usher in a new cold front that will drop temperatures in the following days.

The high for Thursday will be a cooler 5 C while Friday will climb a bit higher to 8 C.

But a chilly weekend is in store with highs both days just above the freezing mark, Sauder said.

The normal daytime high for this time of year is 8 C.