It's a new year they won't soon forget in Winnipeg's Charleswood neighbourhood.

Laxdal dug up

Mounds of dirt cover sections of Laxdal Road on Friday. (Meaghan Ketcheson/CBC)

‚ÄčFor the ninth time since Christmas, the water is off on a section of Laxdal Road.

Pam Jobes, who lives in the area, said there has been watermain break after watermain break on the street. The water was cut off again Thursday night to the 18 to 20 homes on the street.

"I think they're just stumped. Every time they fix something, another one breaks and these crew guys say all they're told is to repair, and that's it," said Jobes.

One man told CBC News he has 20 centimetres of water in his basement, while his neighbour has 91 cm. The neighbour's power has been cut off and he has been sent to a hotel.

Harvey Osiowy, who has lived on Laxdal for almost 40 years and has never seen the situation so bad, said the city needs to replace the entire line rather than coming back every day to fix new breaks.

"We'd like some answers. It just, you know, we're hoping [it will be fixed soon]," he said about Friday's break.

Jobes is worried all the heavy equipment and time crews are spending on the street is going to cause more stress and breaks.

The Laxdal watermain is scheduled to be replaced in 2015, but Coun. Paula Havixbeck said on Friday she wants that moved up. She plans to introduce a motion to have it replaced this year instead.