The architect of Winnipeg’s popular, but often submerged, river walk thinks he has found a solution.

But officials with The Forks say it's too expensive.

The trail, which follows a portion of the Red and Assiniboine riverbanks from the Esplanade Riel to the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative building, is presently underwater and unusable … once again.

Officials don't expect to have it open until after Canada Day.

The path and port at the popular marketplace were designed in the late 1980s when the area flooded less frequently. But in the past decade, it has been underwater every year for some portion of the spring or summer.

After another frustrating year in 2010, during which the path was submerged for most of May through to October, the chief operating officer at The Forks, Paul Jordan, said he planned to discuss a redesign with the original architect, Steve Cohlmeyer.

Cohlmeyer said he's looked at a few ways to combat the problem and the best solution is to use floating docks.

"As the water recedes then you would drop down. It's possible to do," he said.

Jordan said the floating dock idea would cost millions of dollars and might not even work because river levels are never consistent.