Olympic athletes are used to competitive pressure, but what about the situations that are beyond their control?  Like security at the Sochi Olympic Games? 

From bombs going off, to dead bodies found in vehicles, the political turmoil in the region is cause for concern.

Megan Imrie is a biathlete from Falcon Lake, Man. She will be competing in Italy from Jan. 14-19.

'Right now I'm just trying to coax my body to have the best performances of my life.' - Megan Imrie

We wondered whether all these security concerns hindered her concentration as she prepares for the Olympics.

Imrie admits that she doesn't follow the security concerns. "We have fairly dialed-in routines when we're on the road and preparing for world cup races so the Olympics (in February) is far from my mind right now."

She is so focused on her next race that she tries to steer clear of media when she's training and preparing.

"The Olympics is such a huge event and every Olympics has some kind of issue," she said. "Vancouver wasn't immune to that either. There were protesters there and the RCMP played a huge role in making sure security was a number one priority."

When it comes to the Sochi Games, Imrie isn't that concerned. "I think the Canadian Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee are making the right choices in ensuring safety for all the athletes."

She acknowledges that Sochi is not like the little town she grew up in in Canada, but she's certainly been to Russia many times before to compete so it won't be that new to her.

Ultimately Imrie feels that keeping a positive attitude about the whole situation is the way to go. "Right now I'm just trying to coax my body to have the best performances of my life."

She is particularly excited to know that her parents will be watching her upcoming races in Italy. "They've never seen a Biathlon World Cup in Europe. In Vancouver there were about 3000 people. But here, there will be ten times as many people watching."

The Olympic biathlon competition begins Feb. 8. Hear Megan Imrie on Information Radio with host Marcy Markusa on Tuesday, Jan. 14.