It's going to be a shorter and more expensive season for outdoor soccer leagues in Winnipeg.

The majority of the 64 community centres are scrambling to book indoor practice facilities because fields are still covered with ice and snow.

"There is two to three feet of snow and ice covering the fields," said Steve Bemrose, the manager of Robert A. Steen Community Centre.

"We still have the light standards of our hockey rinks up, which are right in the middle of our fields. The city can’t get in to get those taken down."

Bemrose said about 32 soccer teams at his club have been forced to find indoor space for practices. And he expects the weather to delay the start of outdoor games by at least two weeks.

"We are looking, you know, probably in a best-case scenario, in the middle of May. So, about 25 per cent of our season could be lost for just getting rid of the snow and ice," he said.

As for baseball teams, there is nowhere to make up their practice time, he added.