Some Manitoba school divisions will have to find ways to make up for multiple days that have been cancelled due to snow storms and extremely cold temperatures.

Classes were cancelled in over a dozen school divisions on Monday, as Arctic air brought temperatures below –25 C.

An extreme wind chill warning that was in effect throughout the day meant it felt more like –40 C outside.

Some schools were open during the day, but exams were postponed or buses were not operating.

The Lord Selkirk School Division has cancelled five days so far this academic year due to weather — an unusually high number of days off, officials admit.

"Typically we have one or two a year, so to be at five already in January is very unusual," superintendent Scott Kwasnitza told CBC News.

Tanya Epp, whose daughter goes to school in the Selkirk area, said she doesn't like all the school work students are missing.

"I don't really like it in a way because it is affecting her school work. But what are we going to do?" she said.

Kwasnitza said teachers at his division's schools will have to make some changes to make up for the lost time.

"They may have to adjust or they may have to leave some things out that are optional parts of the curriculum, but we'll make every effort that we can to catch the students up. We can't extend the school year into July," he said.

School closures always come down to safety, as students will stay home whenever buses cannot run, Kwasnitza explained.

"Given that 75 per cent of our students come on the bus, we just felt that it was not prudent to put our students and bus drivers out on the road today," he said.