Wildrose Party Leader Danielle Smith is refusing to clarify whether she doubts that global warming is being caused by human activities.

The party’s doubts about the widely accepted scientific theory that human activity is causing global warming made headlines after Smith made the comment in an online leaders debate.

Smith told reporters in Calgary again on Tuesday that the science around climate change isn't settled.

But when Smith was asked twice on Tuesday whether she believes climate change is real, she didn't answer.

Despite having doubts about man-made climate change, the Wildrose Party is proposing ideas to help Albertans reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, she said.

Smith said while the science on global warming is still not settled, she wants to help encourage reduced emissions.

Smith questions why this issue is part of the debate, saying that she's monitoring the science and that a Wildrose government would focus on helping people make their homes more efficient and have more efficient ways of powering their vehicles.

She said that will help bring down overall emissions.

The Wildrose leader said such an approach would be more effective in cutting emissions than the Tories’ $2 billion carbon capture and storage plan.

Smith added that her party would keep Alberta's existing $15-per-tonne carbon levy — called by some a carbon tax — on companies that report increased emissions.

Money from that levy is used for research on reducing emissions.