Winnipeg's civic election is less than three months away and there is a rattling apathy in some neighbourhoods.

Three wards have only one candidate running for city council in the Oct. 22 election.


Three Winnipeg wards have just one declared candidate for the upcoming civic election. (iStock)

In River Heights, incumbent Coun. John Orlikow is so far running unopposed. In St. Boniface, Matt Allard is the only name on the ballot at this point to replace Dan Vandal, who's stepping away from council to make a run at federal politics.

And in Transcona, Ray Ulasy is the only declared candidate. Coun. Russ Wyatt, who has represented the area since 2002, hasn't filed papers yet.

The deadline for registering as a candidate is Sept. 16.

Although he's alone in the race, Allard isn't sitting back and taking anything for granted.

"We are definitely campaigning like we are one vote behind, talking to as many people as we can," he said, adding there is still a month and a half for candidates to come forward and competition can heat up quickly.

"A week's a lifetime in politics," he said.

Retired political science professor Chris Leo has watched city politics for decades and said the demands of the job can be a deterrent.

The hours and stress of the job don't quite match up with the compensation, he said.

"I've always thought that people who are given the kind of leadership positions that politicians have to have, and all the things that go with those leadership positions, probably deserve to be paid a good deal more," he said.