From the slopes to the record books, the Canadian Ski Patrol leads an effort on Ski Patrol Day to break the world record for making the most snow angels simultaneously in multiple locations.

At more than 50 ski hills at noon Central time thousands of people were making snow angels in an attempt to break the current record of 15,851.

Winnipeg's event was at Spring Hill Winter Sports Park where 163 people laid on the slope to make snow angels of all sizes.

For Red River Zone Ski Patrol President Lori Natuik, it was a perfect way to mark Ski Patrol Day in Canada.

"There were big smiles on everybody's faces' at the end which is what we want," she said. 

"A little bit of extra winter fun." 

Spring Hill

163 skiers and boarders were on hand at Spring Hill Saturday in an attempt to break a snow angel making world record. (CBC)

Totals are still being tallied from all of the other locations so it wasn't immediately clear if the record had been broken.

Natiuk said that the event is about more than just breaking the current record: It is also about raising awareness of the organization.

"We are a volunteer organization and if anyone wants to take the training they are more than welcome to, we welcome it with open arms. It's great training, we work hard when we have to and we have a lot of fun too and it's a great organization," she said.

There are 4,500 volunteers with the Canadian Ski Patrol that provide first aid and rescue services at more than 220 hills and resorts in Canada. This year also marks the 75th anniversary for the Canadian Ski Patrol.