Worries are mounting in a Transcona neighbourhood on Tuesday about a big sinkhole that has formed in the middle of a street.

Wayne Luby owns a property on Whiteshell Avenue and he’s trying to sell.            

Parts of the street are closed because of sewer repairs, but he's most upset about the sinkhole that is more than a metre deep.

Transcona sinkhole

Luby estimated the sinkhole was over a metre deep before the city temporarily filled the hole with sand and gravel and surrounded it with barricades. (Wayne Luby)

“It's not safe. We deserve better than that,” said Luby. “I feel it is a danger.”

Luby said the city sent a crew about three weeks ago to put up a barricade around the hole and used sand and gravel to fill it partially.

He said if the barricades were moved someone could fall in and hurt themselves. 

Luby, who is trying to sell a family home on the street, is upset the city is taking as long as it is to remedy the situation.

"They can do better than this," he said.

A city spokesperson told the CBC once temperatures warm and low-lying frost thaws in the spring, underground soil can begin to move and sinkholes may form beneath city streets. 

The city said crews respond as quickly as possible to dangerous sinkhole calls and make sure the area is blocked-off and in safe condition until further repairs can be completed.

There are no details yet about when the city crews will be repairing the sinkhole.