He’s been described as wickedly funny, but never mean. He's appeared at some of the most prestigious comedy festivals around.

Comic Simon King first started out in theatre. One day he literally wandered onto a stage at a comedy club. It was 2000 when standup comedy was fairly depressed as an art form but he claims it was a good time to learn.

"I sort of remember my first show. I was third up. I did five minutes. I was very goofy because I was only 22 years old, and naturally less developed as a person," he recalled. "I do remember the feeling I had getting off stage. I knew I wanted to do it again."

He says failure is mandatory to be a good comedian."If you don't experience failure, you're perhaps not in the moment," he explained. "You think maybe you're not pushing yourself enough. There's a risk that comes with that but that's part of the fun."

King is known for his explosive delivery, almost shouting his way through a routine. He claims it's who he is. "I speak quickly. I have giant hair. I have lots of natural energy," he admitted. "My goal is to be as honest as I can. I'm passionate and that comes through. I find people do respond to that.

Catch Simon King's show at the Purple Room, 318 Ross Avenue starting at 9 p.m. Thursday November 14.