One of the shootings Saturday night left this bullet hole in a window on Stella Walk. ((Shaun McLeod/CBC) )

A relative of a 13-year-old girl shot and critically wounded by an unknown gunman in Winnipeg's North End on Saturday is railing against the perceived lack of safety in the crime-riddled area.

"This city's crazy … it's not even safe to walk around over there at night time," the relative said.

CBC News is not identifying the woman because of safety concerns.

The name of the girl who was shot has not been released by police.

'[The shooter] should turn himself in and deal with the stuff he did.' —Relative of wounded teen to gunman

"This world is messed up. This city is stupid," said the relative.

Police are still looking for the shooter who wounded the girl as she walked with friends on Stella Walk.

They are also looking for a suspect or suspects who also shot and killed two men in the separate incidents over a span of about 35 minutes.

Investigators have said the shootings, which took place just blocks apart, between 8:40 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. Saturday, appeared to have been random events and that the victims weren't targeted.

Police have been unable to say yet whether the same person is responsible.

The shootings took place on Stella Walk, then Dufferin Avenue at Powers Street, and finally in the 400 block of Boyd Avenue.

'Good kid'

Witnesses told CBC News on Sunday that the teen girl was walking with friends when a man dressed in black approached them and offered to sell them drugs. Moments after they refused, the man produced a handgun and fired.


The three Saturday shootings took place over about half an hour, within blocks of each other. Locations are approximate. ((Google Maps/CBC))

The girl was hit in the abdomen and seriously wounded. The shooter fled, took a bicycle from a nearby home and rode away, according to witnesses interviewed by CBC News.

The girl was rushed to hospital in critical condition and underwent emergency surgery, her relative said.

At last word on Sunday, the girl was doing better and doctors said she was expected to survive, the relative said.

"I'm just so happy she's OK," she said, describing the wounded girl as "a good kid."

Other family members are coming into the city from outlying areas of Manitoba to support the girl and her immediate family.

The relative expressed anger toward the person who shot her family member.

"That guy is messed up … going around shooting people he don't know," she said. "Something's wrong in his head.

"He should turn himself in and deal with the stuff he did."

Police have not identified the dead men, saying Sunday that they were still notifying their families.

People living near Stella Walk told CBC they were afraid to go outside and planned to keep their children inside until an arrest is made.

3 shooting deaths in 2 weeks

The deaths of the two men mark the second and third in Winnipeg's North End in the past two weeks.

Tiffany Johnston, 21, died after she was shot on Oct. 14.

According to police, Johnston was not the intended target. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, visiting a home in the area. She was walking from the front porch to the rear of the residence in the 600 block of Selkirk Avenue when she was shot, police said.

The house is known to police as a place where people with gang connections hang out. However, police have said there is no information to suggest Johnston was in a gang.

She was the city's 19th homicide victim this year.

The latest two victims, the men, are the 20th and 21st homicide victims of the year.