The president of Winnipeg's Shindico Realty is suing a former city council candidate for defamation.

Sandy Shindleman, along with his brother, have filed a defamation suit against Gordon Warren following the emergence of what they describe as anti-Semitic posters in downtown Winnipeg.

The posters appeared in the city in September 2012 and alleged Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz, the Shindleman family and other members of Winnipeg's business community were involved in questionable business transactions.

Winnipeg police investigated the matter, and Katz expressed disgust over the posters, which B’Nai Brith and others deemed anti-Semitic.

However, police announced their investigation found the posters broke no laws

On Friday, a local media outlet reported Warren, now a local blogger, came forward and accepted responsibility for the posters.

Shindleman said he wants the courts to ban Warren from publishing any further comments about his family.

"I’m speaking for the community against bigoted, racist people," he said.

"No matter who it’s for, people like this need to be stopped."

He added he was disappointed the Crown’s attorney wasn’t able to pursue the case as a hate crime at the time it happened.

Robert Tapper, the Shindlemans’ lawyer, said the lawsuit is aimed to stop Warren from spreading similar comments in the future.

"He doesn’t hide his racism. You don’t have to interpret whether he’s a racist. He tells you he’s a racist," said Tapper.

"He’s in your face!"

Tapper said he’s asked the court for an injunction that would ban Warren from posting any more comments about Shindleman or his company online until the case is heard in court.

The allegations contained in the lawsuit have not been proven in court.

Warren was unavailable for comment on Wednesday. He is set to appear in a Winnipeg courtroom on March 26.