A local animal rescue shelter is dealing with an overwhelming number of abandoned and injured animals.

Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter has taken in more than 120 animals since Dec. 1, and the facility is now filled to capacity.

Making matters worse is that many animals are coming in with cold-weather injuries.

“We’ve had more frostbite cases than I’ve ever seen in the 26 years I’ve been in the business,” said Carla Martinelli-Irvine, the shelter’s executive director. “We’ve had more amputations of tails, more ears falling off.”

Frostbitten cat

Speck arrived at Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter with frostbite on her ears. Now, she and hundreds of other pets are looking for homes. (Alana Cole/CBC)

The no-kill shelter is not only dealing with a surplus of injured kittens, cats, puppies and dogs, but it’s also seen a dip in its adoption numbers.

The shelter normally sees about 80 to 83 adoptions per month, but since Dec. 1, there have been only 41 adoptions.

Martinelli-Irvine said the centre is also strapped for cash.

“I have outstanding vet bills that need to be paid. I have food to purchase for the animals,” she said. “’[It’s] just the constant struggles of running a no-kill shelter. It’s very expensive.”

Now, she’s hoping people will step up with donations and to adopt pets because the shelter is in urgent need of help.