A parent in Selkirk, Man., has filed a police report after his daughter found a sharp blade in one of her Halloween candies.

Matt Evans says his 14-year-old daughter, Morgan, was going through her treats over the weekend when she discovered something sticking out of a piece of Starburst candy.

Matt Evans with photos of blade in candy

Matt Evans has posted photographs of the blade in the candy on Facebook, to warn other parents and children to check their Halloween candy. (Meagan Fiddler/CBC)

"She noticed one of the packages was opened and when she opened up the candy, she noticed that one seemed like it was refolded," he said.

"When she opened it up, she can see the edges of a razor sticking out."

The blade is similar to one found in a pencil sharpener, Evans said, adding that he's thankful his daughter did not bite into the candy.

"When I actually saw the candy, I was, [for a] lack of better term, pissed off that somebody would actually do that," he said.

Evans said his daughter went trick-or-treating at more than 100 homes on Halloween night.

RCMP confirmed to CBC News that it received a report on Sunday.

It's not the only such incident reported in Manitoba.

RCMP confirm they are investigating a report that a nail was found in a piece of candy in Swan River.

Matt Evans's Facebook post

Evans's Facebook post regarding the blade he and his daughter found in the Halloween candy. (Facebook)