The 26th annual Share Your Thanks food drive took place Saturday for the food bank, Winnipeg Harvest.

The event, a major collection effort for the charity, attracted about 200 volunteers on Saturday.

One of the organizers, Megan Pesclvitch, noted that about half of the clients of the food bank are children.

"We think that's a serious problem," Pesclvitch said. "But, we can help by spreading awareness of hunger."

The Monks family was on hand to sort potatoes.

"We just think it's important to give back to the community," Greg Monks explained. "And to model for the children the kind of ethic we want them to grow up with."

The goal is to ensure shelves are full, especially for the upcoming holiday season.

The food bank currently feeds more than 54,000 people in Winnipeg and another 10,000 clients in rural Manitoba.