Final arguments are being presented in the sexual assault trial of a former Winnipeg police officer.

Richard Dow is accused of sexually assaulting a female client of a modelling agency he ran on the side in 2000.

Dow has insisted the sex was consensual but the woman has claimed she and Dow drank several cocktails during and after the photo session, and she became very intoxicated and blacked out several times.

The woman, who cannot be named due to a court-imposed publication ban, was 18 years old at the time of the alleged incident. Dow was 46.

On Thursday, Dow's lawyer Crystal Antilla told court the woman lied on the stand, that she was not intoxicated the night of the alleged attack and she had consensual sex with Dow.

She noted the woman didn't even come forward until the police approached her six years later.

Special crown prosecutor Marty Minuk said the woman did not give consent to the sex because she was extremely intoxicated and "was simply not capable of giving consent."

Minuk said the woman was working at A&W at the time, had just dropped out of school and was hoping to make some extra money by modelling.