Winnipeg's streets are being plowed this week to clear snow from sewer drains, but some residents of an East Kildonan street say the plows are missing drains by about half a metre.

The drains on Sydney Avenue are beneath a towering snowbank left behind by plows that cleared the road down to the pavement.

"To me, it's common sense where if you come with a plow that you would go as close to the curb as you could possible get," said Cheryl Massey, who pointed out the windrow by her home on Thursday.

Down the street, Chris Donnelly said the City of Winnipeg should have carted away some of the piles of snow.

"Basically we have nowhere else to go with our snow in our yards, so it's all just going to keep flooding our yards and sidewalks and everything else because you can't go out onto the street," he said.

Massey said she thinks snow should be cleared on and around sewer drains, as they would be for fire hydrants.

"Make sure they plow back a little further and maybe just [dig] out where the drains were like … where they do for the fire hydrants — just scoop it, you know?" she said.

Residential street "plowing and drainage improvement" work started on Wednesday morning and will continue until Friday evening, with the goal of clearing catch basins in driving lanes.

A city spokesperson told CBC News that residents who are worried about buried sewer drains and catch basins should call the 311 hotline so public works crews can handle it.